Search Engine Optimization: The Value Of a Good WordPress Theme

What a difference simply changing a theme can make!

When I checked Google’s listing of my site with the old theme, I knew I had to change it.

I liked the way the old WordPress theme looked. It also allowed a viewer to change the font size to make it easier to read if they needed it. When I chose it, I thought having the content on the left column would help the search engines like Google read it.

But the listing on Google showed that it was working terribly

  I will not go too much into what was showing up as the description for every page because I am trying not to have any more pages listed with useless words. You can read a bit about what was happening in the post I wrote about it here.

Since Changing to the Semilogic theme the listings look much better

All the descriptions show up from the content of the posts. It is reassuring to see all the pages showing up in Google with descriptions that are accurate.

Before the switch, the descriptions were all the same

I had thirty or so pages that Google indexed. Nearly all of them had the same description, which was caused by the viewer font changing ability of that WordPress theme.

If you are using WordPress, I suggest you make sure the theme you use will give you good results with the search engines

Because, no one will be interested in looking at a site of thirty pages about font size. The way your theme presents your content to Google and other search engines is important. Even if Google knows the page is about something else, if the description is bad, no one will look at the post.

I would also suggest if you use WordPress to take a look at the Semilogic theme

It comes in two versions. The free version is the one I am using here. The Semilogic Pro version is a bit expensive but has many features that I think make it worth the price if you have any income on your blog. You can purchase the full version here.

Take a look at the free version and give it a try

It has a lot to offer.