How to Increase a Blog’s Page Views

Darren Rowse had an article on on increasing page views.

I found it had several good ideas (most of his posts are good). One I think I will be adding is search to this blog. Look for it in a few days.

How to Increase a Blog’s Page Views 13. Add a Search Feature Allowing your readers to look for previous topics that you’ve written about by adding a search feature to your blog can also add further page views. There are a number of these available – most blog platforms have them built in and AdSense also offers one that lets your readers search either your site or the web as a whole (and where you can make a little money on the side if they search and then click on an ad – see the search bar in my sidebar for an example of the AdSense one).

He had another recommendation that I plan to try

I want to add a related posts feature to this site. I was surprised that there is not one in the Semilogic theme but I will find it and add that also.

If you are interested in blogging make sure is on your reader.

Some of the ideas he had I am not sure will work here. I am not sure I have enough readers to make a poll worthwhile.
I will take this chance to ask for comments. :)