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  1. “(…) You can give it a try by clicking the flag icons at the bottom of this page (…)”

    No, we can’t… there are no flag icons at the bottom of this page. I’ve been trying to find a working example of Translation Gold all over the web, but every site that says that it has one, seems to have removed it in the meantime. Did the product fail to work?

    Be well!

    Jaap Verduijn.

  2. Jaap -Sorry, but this post was made back in 2006. Since then, Google has kind of discouraged use of scripts like the one I was using (Translation Gold). Additionally, as far as I know, Translation Gold is no longer sold by Jonathan Leger.
    Last year (2008), I removed the translation feature from all my sites (I think-there could be one out there with it still running but I don’t think so).
    I would like to see some new software that could provide translation as part of the WordPress publication process. That might be a better way to do it and would help some of the SEO problems that auto translation caused (although it had many SEO advantages also).
    That said, thanks to your comment, I have now removed the link to Translation Gold since it’s not available.

  3. Thanks mate, I already feared it was something like that! Sad though: I bought it a few years ago, never used it, only thought of it again last week, couldn’t find the file on my computer (no wonder: third computer since I downloaded it!), went to Jon’s site that said “Product Sold Out”, dug out the old payment receipt and the email with my download link which still works, downloaded it again, thought: “Let’s check it out before using it – it’s a few years ago already!”, and then found nobody who uses it. Your reply makes clear why. In the meantime I also found a thread by a Google bloke somewhere, who states on behalf of Google that Jon Leger’s Translation Gold is a form of abusing Google. Oh dear!

    Well, if I remember correctly I paid 70 or 80 bucks for it, two or three years ago. That’s a lot of money for a product I can’t use…

    Be well!



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