Adsense and Overture (Yahoo Search Advertising) Start Project 2 Moving

I was getting a little bored with

Nothing seemed to be happening. As of yesterday, Google still had not indexed it. I think the only people that the Adsense adds were in front of were me and a few friends I had check it out. had no traffic. The only addresses in the logs seemed to be bots (the googlebot seemed to be visiting but the googlebot URL’s had no data being downloaded).

I decided I would do something

I found a few directories that I could list the site on for free. I already wrote about the fun I had trying to submit a sitemap to Google. I added another article to the site (no problem updating the sitmap). I added a blank robots.txt file to the site to clear the error that always comes up when the bots cannot find it. In short, I did about as much as I could as I wait for Google to index the site. Still I wanted to try and do more.

Then I remembered the Overture credit that Lunar Pages offered when I signed up for hosting.

I figured I better activate it before it goes away. Overture is a little different than Google. When you create an account, they want you to start with a budget and pay first before you set up the rest of the account. I had to put an additional $30 on my credit card to use the $50 credit from Lunar Pages. Still, I thought I would eventually use it anyway.

I created two ads for and set them for the minimum bid ($.10).

With a daily budget of $1.00 I figured it would not get out of control and it might send a few viewers to the site. My ads got 13 clicks. Not bad for an amateur.

Not only that, but Google has finally indexed

Hurrah! Yeah! (insert any generic cheer here)!!

But wait, there’s more!

I decided to check my adsense account. I for the first time, have clicks. I have managed to make a small profit between the Overture (or do I call it Yahoo Search Advertising) and Google Adsense. Not much but it is a first step. I feel like that proud father watching his son take his first step. So what if it is only for a half step – he’s walking!


I brought people to the site with Overture and they left with Adsense. Now if I can get some more traffic without paying for it and increase the amount from Adsense or maybe add some affiliate links, I’ll have a business.

I can’t wait to see what happens when I get the next article up.