Adding Adsense Ads to a Semiologic Theme – Part Two

Ok, so you have the plugins from part one, right?

If not, you can check part one of this guide for the links to the plugins I use to add Google Adsense to the Semiologic (Semilogic) Theme for WordPress.
Unzip the plugins and ft them to the plugin directory of your WordPress site. Then just activate them.

The next step is to get some Google Adsense ads to use with your WordPress blog.

  It is usually suggested that you use colors that blend with the theme of your site. I am using the Minimalist Skin for the Semiologic WordPress theme so the standard setting actually seems to look close.

You will also need to decide what size and shapes of Adsense ads you wish to use on your blog.

I use the large rectangle and 160×600 wide skyscraper sizes most. The Semiologic WordPress theme (Semilogic theme) has sidbars that are wide enough for the 160 width skyscraper. You may need to test if your WordPress theme has sidebars wide enough. I suggest you also get Google Adsense for Search for your site also. I find that it fits best only on the far right sidebar. I also make the Google Adsense for Search as small as possible while trying to still make it look useful.

On the option menu of your WordPress blog you will find the options for the Adsense-Deluxe Plugin.

The option page for Adsense-Deluxe has excellent instructions for using Google Adsense. You may also want to check the readme file that was with the plugin.

All you have to do is copy and paste the Google Adsense code into the box on the Adsense-Deluxe page.

I suggest deciding what size ad you will want to use most in posts and making that the default ad. You can then just ad the Adsense-Deluxe code where you want the ad to appear in your posts. Adsense-Deluxe takes care of making sure you do not have too many ads on a page so you stay within Google  Adsense TOS.

Although the Adsense-Deluxe website says you should be able to type the code in a post I usually find the spot I want to put the code in the HTML source instead of the WYSIWYG view.

It only takes a moment longer to do and seems to work better.

Using Adsense-Deluxe in the sidebar is done a bit differently.

You could add the PHP form of the code (there is an example on the option page) directly in the template. I find that way time consuming, difficult to change, and confusing.

Use the PHP Executable widget.

You can then move the widget around the sidebar anytime you want or just remove it. Just add the PHP form of the Adsense-Deluxe code into the box of the widget. I use the 160×600 skyscraper Google Adsense ad in the sidebar right now.

The Google Adsense for Search code is just pasted into a text widget.

You are only allowed one search box on a page anyway. Real easy.

It is important to note that if you decide to ad an Adsense ad to your site without the Adsense-Deluxe code, you could end up with more Adsense ads on a page the the TOS allows.

It is best to always use the Adsense-Deluxe code to avoid this. No worries.

I have found that the Semiologic theme gives great results with the Google Search Engine.

It has many features that make it easy to work with. The Semiologic Pro theme had even more features and some form of ad management. It may be worth looking into.