New Host

For the first time, this site has a new host. Frequent visitors will notice that the previous web hosting banner disappeared and was recently replaced by the HostGator banner. To be honest, the old … [Read more...]

How To Build A Website For Fun Or Profit – Part 1

Part 1 - Introduction This is the start of a series on building websites for beginners. It does not matter if you just want to share knowledge of your favorite subject with the world for fun or if … [Read more...]

More On Language Translation For Websites

Here is an article of language translation for websites and blogs. I have found that the Translation Gold software has been getting results from the various langauge Goolge engines. You can read my … [Read more...]

How To Add Unique Content To Your Your Website Instantly With Translation Gold

Translation Gold will instantly multiply your current content by adding a translation into seven additional languages. Instantly, you have additional unique content. You have a reach into markets … [Read more...]

Making Sure Your Website Works In Older Browsers

I wondered how would look on an older browser. Since it is CSS based I thought it would look bad. Today I had a first class chance to see how it looks. I also learned how … [Read more...]

Project 2 – Content

It took a few days for me to write out the initial content for I needed to write out the home page, feedback, and the 1st article. After having read Yaro's article at … [Read more...]