Ok – This Is Really The Most Important Post Ever Here

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Hello 2010 – Goodbye To 2009

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The Most Important Key To Your Small Business Website

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Why Choosing a Web Hosting Company Is So Confusing

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ScratchBack Marketplace Directory Announced!

Christmas themes too! ScratchBack has announced it's new marketplace blog directory. This will aid both publishers showing the widget and advertisers. The marketplace should provide … [Read more...]

I Am Free! I’m Ffrrrreeeeeeeeeeee!

Well, almost! Friday was the last official day in my full time business (the portrait studio). I am now completely self-employed. Or, to put it another way, unemployed. :) … [Read more...]

Five (Plus Four) Ways For Making Money Online With ScratchBack

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Why The Debate About Paid Links Was Over Before You Knew What PageRank Was

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Have You Fallen For Linkbait That…

Linkbait done right still makes a happy reader Linkbait can get you traffic. Linkbait done right, can turn that traffic into readers. Readers can then make you money. Linkbait done wrong can … [Read more...]

Converting A Static Site To A Blog

I just converted my How To Take Better Photos site to WordPress. Originally, I created the site in Dreamweaver. It was a bit of a chore learning how to do it. Additionally, whenever I wanted to add … [Read more...]