New Host

For the first time, this site has a new host. Frequent visitors will notice that the previous web hosting banner disappeared and was recently replaced by the HostGator banner. To be honest, the old … [Read more...]

Video For Creating a WordPress Database On Your Web Host

How to manually create a Database for WordPress in cPanel If you want to install WordPress on your host manually, it is not very difficult. All you need is access to the administration panel (cPanel) … [Read more...]

The (Almost) Most Important Decision to Make When You Start a Website:The Domain Name

Choosing a domain name may be the most important step in starting a new website I said maybe in the title of this post because there is the also the question of the subject the website is about. Most … [Read more...]

Web Project2 – Choosing a Web Host

Honestly I was not real scientific about choosing a Web Host ***This was an early post on this site. Problems with the host chosen have forced me to leave. Sad, but things change. I recommend … [Read more...]