7 Tips to Being a Great Blog Commenter and Getting Your Comments to Stick

Most bloggers want comments on their blog. Comments are a good sign that the blog is reaching it's readers. Comments lets the blogger know if his posts are working the way he wants and if readers are … [Read more...]

Rewarding Commentators With Two Cool Comment Plugins

I have added two new plugins to my comment section! Comment Luv Keyword Luv I really appreciate those that take the time to comment on my posts. It lets me know if I am writing in a way that … [Read more...]

This Is Not A Dangerous Website

Honest, this is not a bad .info scam site! AP has a story on the most dangerous domian name suffixes to visit. .info's along with .hk and .cn are amoung the domain suffixes that are most likely to … [Read more...]

Popular Financial Blog Blocked As Spam By BlogSpot

Google wrongly labels Alphatrends.net and blocks author's access. Is your blog … [Read more...]

Getting Control of Your Email

Are you emotionally attached to junk mail? I recently decided I need to get control of my incoming email. I have not been reading most of it anyway. In most cases the majority is from lists that I … [Read more...]

Finally, Spammers and Scammers Get Caught

It seems that some of the Nigerian email scammers have finally gotten caught. It is not easy to catch criminals when they commit the crime from another country. Now it is easy to scam people who are … [Read more...]

What Comment Spammers Have In Common With O.J. Simpson

Sometimes I almost feel sorry for comment spammers. Almost, but not quite, and then I regain my sanity. I get comment spam like the following once in a while. xxxxx | xxxxx@gmail.com | google.com … [Read more...]

Who Really Profits The Most From Comment Spam

The Root Of All Evil Lorelle had another of her posts about comment spam. As always, I suggest anyone interested in blogs or blogging read it as well as the rest of her WordPress site. It … [Read more...]

Too Much Spam

I give up! For a while anyways. I am turning off comments and trackbacks for a while. I have been getting trackbacks that Akismet is labeling spam which belong to good sites. I have been going … [Read more...]

100 Spam Comments And Then A Slip

Akismet-100 Spam-1 Sunday, this blog hit the century mark in spam. Amazingly, all 100 were stopped by Akismet. It did not miss a single one. Then it got caught, the 101st spam, a trackback spam got … [Read more...]