Google Buzz – A Hit or Miss?

You seem to either love Google Buzz or hate it. By now, nearly everyone has gotten the Buzz when they checked their Gmail. Some people love it. Others, hate it. Will Buzz be around next year? Or, … [Read more...]

7 Reasons You Should Take a Look at Google Voice

Google Voice is something nearly anyone could use. Google has a great phone service that nearly any business with a website should take a serious look at. While it has some real advantages to small … [Read more...]

7 Tips to Being a Great Blog Commenter and Getting Your Comments to Stick

Most bloggers want comments on their blog. Comments are a good sign that the blog is reaching it's readers. Comments lets the blogger know if his posts are working the way he wants and if readers are … [Read more...]

Google, Adobe, China and Cyberwar

Cyberwarfare has started but not between countries. Everyone seems to be missing the really interesting aspects of the Google-China events this week. Most of the emphasis has been on the idea that … [Read more...]

Poll: What is Your Favorite Blogging Social Network?

Do you have a favorite blogging social network? Please take the poll in the sidebar and let us know what your favorite blogging social network is. If I don't have your favorite, please let me know … [Read more...]

Will Google Wave Replace Email and Chat?

Has the Google Wave caught you yet? Many have now received an invitation for the preview of Google Wave. If no one you know has an invite for you, you may be able to request one … [Read more...]

Testing Google Friend Connect

You may notice the Google Friend Connect  widget. I thought I would give this a try. It seems that MyBlogLog is slowly dying. That is a real shame, as I really like MyBlogLog and often check both the … [Read more...]

Google Adsense For Search Improved – Sort Of – Almost

Google recently annouced an improved AdSense for search. After reading it on the AdSense blog I went and checked it out in my AdSense account. You have a had time believing this is not Photoshopped. … [Read more...]

Opinions Wanted On Website Translation- Especially Non-English

I am thinking of dropping the language translation from this blog. If you can read other languages besides English please take a look at some of the translated versions of this blog using the flag … [Read more...]

A New Social Bookmark Service SecondBrain

You might want to take a look at the new social bookmarking service Second|Brain. You could win a Macbook Air, iPod, or Xbox 360 too. What does Second Brain do? … [Read more...]