7 Tips to Being a Great Blog Commenter and Getting Your Comments to Stick

Most bloggers want comments on their blog. Comments are a good sign that the blog is reaching it's readers. Comments lets the blogger know if his posts are working the way he wants and if readers are … [Read more...]

What Comment Spammers Have In Common With O.J. Simpson

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Who Really Profits The Most From Comment Spam

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Too Much Spam

I give up! For a while anyways. I am turning off comments and trackbacks for a while. I have been getting trackbacks that Akismet is labeling spam which belong to good sites. I have been going … [Read more...]

100 Spam Comments And Then A Slip

Akismet-100 Spam-1 Sunday, this blog hit the century mark in spam. Amazingly, all 100 were stopped by Akismet. It did not miss a single one. Then it got caught, the 101st spam, a trackback spam got … [Read more...]

Spam: I’ve heard about it – now I finally get a taste

digitalkeyto.info has finally hit the big time Akismet blocked the first spam to hit this blog. I have heard that there has been a bit extra spam going around lately. Anyway it was blocked by the … [Read more...]