Is a Smart Phone a Smart Choice?

You can post to your blog from a Blackberry Curve Smartphonr The iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, Android, Palm Pre, and the others. Smart phones. They are becoming increasingly common. Are they a good … [Read more...]

Do You Know Where Is The Best Pizza In Chicago IL?

Keywords for your small business website. Part Three of creating an effective small business website. I did not ask the question in the post title because I am looking for pizza in Chicago. … [Read more...]

My Blogging Is Too Long Winded

I'll try to make this short. I think my blog posts are way too long. I actually write a great many more posts than actually make it onto this blog. Maybe you have noticed that many if not … [Read more...]

Google Adsense For Search Improved – Sort Of – Almost

Google recently annouced an improved AdSense for search. After reading it on the AdSense blog I went and checked it out in my AdSense account. You have a had time believing this is not Photoshopped. … [Read more...]

Just Finished Some Blog Updates

I put them off too long. It is time to do some WordPress blog updating. I am not an early adopter unless there are serious security problems. In most cases, the Semiologic theme designers have a … [Read more...]

My Favorite WordPress 2.6 Features

WordPress 2.6 has been recently released. While not a security release, you may want to download the new version right away anyways. There are some very cool new features. Some features WordPress … [Read more...]

Jim Kukral’s Free Video Guide For Internet Marketers

The Online Video Toolkit from Jim Kukral Jim Kukral has a free guide to making video for your blog or website. Jim has been running the Daily Flip video blog for quite awhile. Now he is sharing some … [Read more...]

Why Choosing a Web Hosting Company Is So Confusing

Finding the right Web host for you can be difficult. Choosing a Web hosting solution for your Website or blog is one of the most confusing choices with starting out. Yet, choosing a good Website host … [Read more...]

I’m On Twitter Now What?

I still don't really get the whole Twitter thing. Twitter has been around a while but lately, it seems … [Read more...]

ScratchBack Marketplace Directory Announced!

Christmas themes too! ScratchBack has announced it's new marketplace blog directory. This will aid both publishers showing the widget and advertisers. The marketplace should provide … [Read more...]