Ok – This Is Really The Most Important Post Ever Here

I am finally ready to announce my new blog. Online IT Guide is my new blog. It is computer advice and blogging for people who have a life. I'll be sharing computer advice to help with everyday … [Read more...]

The Most Important Post Ever

Till next week. I promised to make an important announcement today. You'll find it in this post.¬†Unfortunately, I am not ready to make the full announcement I was planning. The announcement I'll make … [Read more...]

Back Again!

It has been a long while since I have posted. It would be nice to say that there is a real good reason for not posting for so long. The truth is, there are some good … [Read more...]

Just Finished Some Blog Updates

I put them off too long. It is time to do some WordPress blog updating. I am not an early adopter unless there are serious security problems. In most cases, the Semiologic theme designers have a … [Read more...]

My Favorite WordPress 2.6 Features

WordPress 2.6 has been recently released. While not a security release, you may want to download the new version right away anyways. There are some very cool new features. Some features WordPress … [Read more...]

Jim Kukral’s Free Video Guide For Internet Marketers

The Online Video Toolkit from Jim Kukral Jim Kukral has a free guide to making video for your blog or website. Jim has been running the Daily Flip video blog for quite awhile. Now he is sharing some … [Read more...]

Due To Circumstances Beyond Our Control…

LunarPages is having a problem with my server. After being down Thursday night, this site may be … [Read more...]

Popular Financial Blog Blocked As Spam By BlogSpot

Google wrongly labels Alphatrends.net and blocks author's access. Is your blog … [Read more...]

I’m On Twitter Now What?

I still don't really get the whole Twitter thing. Twitter has been around a while but lately, it seems … [Read more...]

What Are The Right Ads For Your Blog?

Should you have Ads on your blog? If so, what should they be? What are your opinions on ads? How do you feel about … [Read more...]