Google Adsense For Search Improved – Sort Of – Almost

Google recently annouced an improved AdSense for search. After reading it on the AdSense blog I went and checked it out in my AdSense account. You have a had time believing this is not Photoshopped. … [Read more...]

A Return To AdSense – Sort Of

I am bringing AdSense back to this blog. Most readers should never see them! One of the many features of the Semiologic Pro theme is that is comes with the Who Sees Ads plugin built in. I am setting … [Read more...]

ScratchBack Marketplace Directory Announced!

Christmas themes too! ScratchBack has announced it's new marketplace blog directory. This will aid both publishers showing the widget and advertisers. The marketplace should provide … [Read more...]

Five (Plus Four) Ways For Making Money Online With ScratchBack

5 ways to make money with ScratchBack on your site and 4 ways to make money using ScratchBack on other sites. What in the world is ScratchBack? Maybe you have seen the widgets like mine around … [Read more...]

Why I Am Saying Goodbye To BlogRush And Text Link Ads And Switching To…

Blogging Zoom and ScratchBack, the wave of the future? After several weeks with BlogRush, I am going to let it go in a couple days. BlogRush has actually done … [Read more...]

Converting A Static Site To A Blog

I just converted my How To Take Better Photos site to WordPress. Originally, I created the site in Dreamweaver. It was a bit of a chore learning how to do it. Additionally, whenever I wanted to add … [Read more...]

It Will Soon Be Easier To Make Changes To Your AdSense Ads

AdSense announced new features coming soon. You will soon not need to paste new AdSense code to do things like change color. Ever paste AdSense code into your site and discover it was the wrong … [Read more...]

Google Announces New Gadget Adsense Ads

Not just mobile Adsense Google has a Adsense Ad for you. They are calling them Gadget Ads. To me they look just like the flash banners and ads you may find from an affiliate. You can read more at … [Read more...]

Are Rumors of Google Sending Bad Adsense Checks True?

Several Weeks ago there were rumors about a bad Adsense check being sent to a publisher. Today, at the Adsense blog, Google seems to be telling publishers not to cash those checks too quick. I could … [Read more...]

New Adsense Formats

Google is changing the look of Adsense ads. Google's new format for Adsense ads looks much cleaner thanthe old format. Although the actual ads are till the same the look is still … [Read more...]