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  1. I like this post. It gives pretty valid points and has me thinking if I were to approach small business how I might go about it.

    I wouldn’t normally approach a company who does not have an online business unless I thought it would help them.

    I am more willing to help a business update their look to something that doesn’t look like it was created using FrontPage by a 4 year old. I would also look at making it easier for them to do their own updates. (I personally love backend development than front end design). I like making people more efficient in what they do.

    If someone approaches you and asks to develop you an eCommerce solution but you obviously wouldn’t benefit from it, then that person hasn’t researched your company properly. If I am selling say Bayliner boats, I’m obviously not going to be taking orders online right?

    WordPress as a CMS works wonderfully and more people are using it. Also Drupal is great too though I haven’t had much experience with that yet. With templates and plugins widely available WordPress is relatively easy to setup and maintain on your own.


  2. Thanks for commenting Tyler,
    I don’t think I could agree with you more. I really think WordPress is an excellent solution for many small businesses. They need to spend more time thinking about what they are putting on the site as far as content and how that content will market their business.

  3. A friend of mine who owns a guitar store fell for this trap. He paid $5000 for a fancy Flash based site that has poor SEO so he doesn’t rank on page #1 for his store name. Plus he doesn’t own the domain name, the consultant who did the work does. He pays $250 a month for support and the hosting, which is on a GoDaddy shared account, once again owned by the ‘consultant’. He’s essentially locked into this mess unless he wants to go to the trouble to change his store name.

    Sadly, I wasn’t able to free up any time to help him build the site because I was working 60/hrs a week on a new software development contract at the time. It’s too bad for both of us. I would have done the work in trade for a new American made Fender Telecaster.

    Frank Cs last blog post..Vintage Fondue Pots – Buying Guide

  4. Frank- I got offers like that at least once a month. Not to mention the offer for banner ads on pages with no PR or Alexa rank at all (for just $100 a month). Oh yeah, the pages were just pages of banner ads.
    Talk to your friends who are in business if you know anything about blogging or websites-you can do both or you a favor.

  5. Ugh %250/month for Support and hosting? I pay $5.91/month for my hosting and it’s great! I do my own support so whatever. When I’ve registered people’s domain names in the past I registered them using their contact information so that they own it. I also explained to them how the registration works and asked them how much they want to register it for etc.

    I also set up web hosting for clients with their credentials so that they own the hosting. It’s a bit unethical to keep things like their domain name/web host accounts for yourself.

    I also explain things like basic SEO techniques and how content can be king etc. School them a bit into what they are getting into etc so they understand how the web works and how it can work for them.

  6. Tyler – You would not believe what is being pushed on small businesses. Many of them think theses expensive websites are their only option and either pay for this extortion or never build a website for their business.

  7. As you say, there is a pressure these days on a business that they ‘must’ have a website. Website developers are using the ‘hard sell’ at time to try and get business – a small company could spend $1000’s on a site with no use. The company I work for gets approached all the time but we simply don’t need one. For us, the money would be much better spent on local paper ads or even as bonus to the workforce to boost morale – certainly not on a website.

  8. Chris -Despite the title of this post, I actually do think a business needs a website these days. For many people and most cases, Google and the Internet have long replaced the phone book (the Yellow Pages) for finding a business. If you do not have a website, those people will go to your competition.
    A business most likely does not need to spend $1000’s or even $100’s for a highly effective website though. That is what this series is about. A much more effective website for very little (nearly none) money.
    I got those phone calls for the overpriced or useless sites myself for years. It was not until I learned how to have a website that could bring in clients effectively that I even saw the use of one for that business. If I had the knowledge or knew of the tools I have now 3 years ago, my studio would have been a much different business. In fact, a well known photographer (in the professional portrait market-and he is a very successful marketer also) is using pretty much the same techniques I’ll be explaining here.
    A well done website – and I will be showing how – can extremely successful in generating huge business for nearly any small business. It need not be expensive or difficult to do.

  9. So many companies just publish a webpage bythemself without any designer involved. They look, feel and operate like a garbage. Without any UI, SEO or at least an idea the page is approved and is been forget. Sadly this is the case in so many small firms that could really make a mark in their sector with user friendly website full of great content.

  10. You will not believe what has pushed for small businesses. Many of them think theses sites are expensive in their only option, and this is paying extortion or never build a website for their business.

  11. I have successfully used WordPress as a CMS for business sites and I am very pleased with the ease of use and optimization of natural search engine. In addition, the abundance of plugins means I can do almost everything I can think of.

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