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  1. This is a good article James. I like the mention of the 8×10. The 8×10 isn’t much, the person that photographs the 8×10 is a little more expensive.

    Dwaynes last blog post..Google

  2. Dwayne – Thanks, it really is a question that every photographer hears nearly every time they answer the phone. It was that or someone trying to sell me an e-commerce website. 🙂

  3. Hello James, Its nice article.
    BTW, There are finally two alternatives can have for a small business owners to increase sell,
    Having quality and branded products to sell no matter what’s the price is.
    Having discounted prices which you can say reliable products at affordable rates.
    What do you think on this.

  4. Web Designing – Thank you. I think your first point will be much more successful in the long run than the second. Make it quality and unique and show the value in those qualities. I am serious about low price being something you really cannot rely on. Wal-Mart is increasing its range of products as well as services all the time. They will beat any price a small business can get either by volume purchases or even working with the manufacturer for a Wal-Martized cheaper version of the product. If they can’t do that, they will simply sell an item at a loss till the competition is gone (look at music CD’s).
    A small business really needs to deliver its unique selling points in its marketing and deliver those reasons as benefits to the customer in the marketing.
    If your business sells music CD’s, why would a customer buy from you instead of buying at Wal-Mart (who is selling it for less than your business can buy it wholesale from the manufacturer)? The hard part is that just one unique factor is probably not enough (a local music store had one answer when I asked that question) to really sustain a flourishing business. You are going to need several reasons for customer to come to you in order to adapt to a changing market. You need to constantly remind customers what those are in your marketing and why it benefits them.

  5. Hello,

    Building your own website is one of the cost effective and powerful means to promote your business and branding your business. Just imagine how powerful getting an online presence is that you are able to reach people halfway around the world with a lower cost.

  6. Recently I’ve heard an ad from some car mechanic who advertised that after he repairs your car he’ll clean your car and deliver it to you working and sparkling like new. That’s a nice USP I think – it made me want to hire him.

  7. When we work with clients, one question we always ask is “what is your USP?” These are busiensses who are looknig to spend $10,000 on advertising and 7 tiomes out of 10 they cannot answer.

    If you can think of 1 you can thing of 21 is our attitude, this way it seperates you from the competitors.

    Dave Allen

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  9. Nice post.. Very informative and awesome..
    Nice Ideas To Sell The Unique and branded Products for Small Business Owners..

    Thanks for sharing..

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