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  1. Oh this could be interesting and very useful for small businesses!

    I remember looking at web designer websites and them saying it would cost you $100 for a domain name. I can pick up a domain for like $5-12 for a .com per year.. why would these people charge $100 for something you can set up yourself for under $20?

    Man I really need to get more into consulting!

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  2. Tyler – Yeah I remember those days. I wonder if domains were that expensive a few years ago. Enom, which is a reliable registrar still seems to want $20-$30 themselves.
    Someone recommended consulting to me a couple months ago. There are many businesses that have no idea what they need for websites, or even computers and software and end up buying expensive custom stuff that leads to either more cost to keep up or a dead end.

  3. James,

    I don’t know if this is what people call “great men thinks alike” LOL.

    I have just started to write a series of articles on Homebased Online Business which I will be publishing in my “old” blog which I planned to re-structure. It will be launched next month.

    Maybe I could get some inspiration and ideas here and I hope you won’t mind if I quote some of it!


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  4. Costa – I hope so! lol I’ve noticed that whenever I think of an idea and don’t use it soon, I see someone else do it.
    Feel free to quote, it would be an honor. Let me know when the new/old site is up so I can learn from it too.

  5. I need to learn how to creat a website to expand a small music buisness for a friend and all im trying to figgure how do i creat a site…im familure with html coding but am still confused

  6. Kevin – I will be getting back to this and will have a complete series, but I have been very busy for the past few week with some other things. Eventually, I will be suggesting WordPress as the basis for most websites in the series. You can leave the html and coding to others and concentrate on the content which is most important.

    Paulette – Yep, but you can make the way you use time more profitable.

  7. In my opinion a small business owner would ne well advised to learn what you outline here. But, they should have someone else do the leg work to build and maintain the site. As a small business owner myself, I would rather be out there creating income than building and maintaining my site. Just my opinion.

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  8. When we finish this, maintenance will not really take more than an hour a month. Adding to the site will be something that takes very little time and should prove very profitable to the business.
    One thing to think about: If you really plan to make your business profitable, the time you spend marketing and growing the business is where a small business owner needs to spend the time. You can get other people to do the “work”. You need to spend your time growing the business. It is very much like the advice from the book “The E-myth”.

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