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  1. This seems like a no-brainer! With his YouTube following people will follow him wherever he goes.

    It always amazes me the people who build up such great blogs and leave them on the free sites. I can understand starting out there, but people please, get your own site once it becomes popular (or profitable). Don’t leave your fate in someone else’s hands.

  2. They did some tweaking to their spam detection ‘bot in April that flagged just about any blog that had Javascript or embeds in the blog entry text on multiple posts as a spam blog. I had a couple of my niche blogs marked like this too. I think they’ve made a correction now though.

    Blogger gets gamed by blackhatters so much that they’ve gotten where they’ve got to go with the guilty until proven innocent approach. It’s too bad that things are that way.

  3. @Frank Yep, in this case the blog was back up on Monday so I think he only missed a post or two on Friday. My point is if you are going to spend the time and resources on a site or blog, why take the chance of losing it or even losing some of your income?
    @Tracy Like Frank said, a little tweak and it was labeled spam without any human looking at it.

  4. Time of this post is not given..>! but is it something based on biased from google, since they started Google Finance with that includes stock information?
    I will rate it very un-ethical and unprofessional from google. Ok they made many people’s life but ruining even without warning, and you even can’t go to court? Thats shame, because a social site with less than 100Ks in Alexa make sense but a finance site with around 150ks is an achievement.
    One of my blog is hosted over blogger, which is now a nightmare to keep there, though hosted other 2 on my own.

  5. Az- It was in April 2008. That is the problem with any free hosting option. It can be a problem even with paid hosting if you are not reasonably careful (and who can read the legal jargon anyways).

  6. Thats true, i experienced stolen of even Hosting servers or hard drive failures with whole data lost.
    by hosting at blogger i could not see any option (tried may be i missed) to take backup of all posts/data. If this happens to a paid hosting at least i can take backups to my local system or burn somewhere and if i will find downtime or unstable server i can immediately change the hosting with minimal drop of rankings on SEs.


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