Money Making Blogs-The Thinking Blog

Not everyone who starts a blog initially plans to make money from it. 

Usually if you desire to make money on the Internet it takes a lot of work with that goal in mind.  Occasionally, it happens a little bit by accident. The Thinking Blog is proof that great content plus traffic equals money.

The gravitar for The Thinking Blog is everywhere on MyBlogLog.

I was eventually seduced by the gravitar into visiting this blog.  I was very pleasantly surprised.

When the owner of this blog found himself in a position to make a money, he wanted to do it without disturbing the readership that he had already developed.

Monetizing without disturbing. I also never thought of making money with this blog but by not doing it I realized I’m leaving a good amount of pocket money on the table. However, I don’t want this blog to turn into an Adsense blog and make the content difficult to read. I think the best way to do it is by taking sponsors (no adult/gambling sites) to the sidebar somewhere.


I’m a total noob when it comes to making money with a blog. I have no idea how much to charge, how long to display an ad or even which type of ads to go for! Please take the poll below and guide newbies towards the right direction.

Source: the thinking blog: Success, Fame and Making Money Online

While the thinking blog is not a blog about making money it is a great place to waste time.  I found myself trying one or two games, watching the video, and reading some of the articles when I should’ve gotten back to work much quicker.  I guess that is the temptation of blogs and reading them.

It was the following game that got me stuck on the page.

Stop the terrorists! Here is another game to stimulate your brain. This time, however, there are no clues. All we know is that on a calm and peaceful day you receive an unknown package with a note stuck on it. Suddenly you realize that you have unknowingly activated this package bomb! Your phone lines have been cut and if your attempt to flee the bomb will be detonated remotely. Your only chance of survival is by deactivating the bomb.


The Thinking Blog is done in a beautifully graphic manner.

My guess is the author is a graphic artist also.  He is also running a contest with the possibility of winning a free makeover of your blog.

There is plenty to see, do, and read at the thinking blog.  Lots of video clips and photos.  Several games, including the one I mentioned above.  And many thought-provoking articles.

The Thinking Blog is suffering from a domain name problem.

Switching to a new domain can be almost like starting over.  Trying to switch a site to a new domain name and keeping current rankings is pretty much impossible.

They’re having problems with Technorati links (I’m not even sure how that works).  I guess even Web 2.0 has some in personal problems at its basis.  Would it be nice if there were a person somewhere that could just say this site is now this site.  I’m sure Google will also be a problem.

I think this also shows the importance of having your own domain name.

A domain name can be one of the most important parts of your Internet business.  Once you have developed a website or blog under one domain shifting it to another will always be a major undertaking.  I admit that I wish I had chosen a .com domain for this blog.