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I think it is Zig zigglar that suggested that the way to get ahead is by helping others get what they want.

Helping others seems to be what Erich at Life Training – Online is trying to do.

His blog is full of motivational ideas and personal improvement  posts.

Perhaps his own site description would be appropriate:

Life Training – Online is about true personal change. Rather than a place that offers nothing but platitudes and feel-good sound bites, it is my desire to help you reach your potential. It’s about training for your life! This site is designed to be as much a help for you as it is a source of growth for me. My hope is that I will be able to share with you some of the things that have helped me, through providing strategies, examples, and ideas that will raise your consciousness, open your mind, bring you balance, and lift your spirits.


He gives much in the way of good advice.

Some advice is from his personal experience. Some advice is taken form studing others like Steven Covey and others. It is good to see personal applications to different self improvement ideas.

Erich is running a series of 52 PD Books in 52 Weeks.

He is reviewing a new personal development book each week for 52 weeks. I real difficult goal to me. I have been reading one book for about the last 3 weeks.

The 52 book series will be a great resource to others looking for self  improvement books. Not only is he giving a review of the book but how he has applied it. Not only is it good to have this insight, but it makes it much more readable and interesting than a generic review. You can tell he spent some time with the 7 Habits Of Highly Effctive People before he wrote about it.

For the most part, Erich provides very good advice.

He occasionally gets a little overboard. One commenter took him to task for some claims in his article about not drinking soda. Still, his point is good, his sources were just biased. My wife has gotten me to cut down on my soda. (I am about to drink a Mountain Dew LiveWire right now though-probably caffine in its purest form.)

Visually, I like the layout of his site. It is simple and not cluttered. The header is a bit on the dull side with only a large RSS icon to break up a solid background. A few places had text bleeding over borders but it probably looks better than this blog. Very professional and the ads do not distract.

Erich is also running a contest:

To qualify for an entry, all you have to do is link to this post using the words (the links must be intact) “Life Training – Online, a blog dedicated to self improvement and personal development is hosting a free raffle where you can win an 80GB iPod Video! Read this post to learn how you can enter.” As well as any other words you feel you’d like to write.

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Erich has a great site that I know I will be making a difference in many lives.

I plan to visit it regularly myself.