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  1. Great advice, i think this could cure a lot of the worlds problems if more people thought like this. I think depression would be greatly lessened. I like the concern vs. influence circles theory for this. it says that you shouldn’t worry about things outside of your circle of influence, no matter how important they are because there’s nothing you can do about them.

  2. Matt- We definitely should not worry about things we cannot change. There is a balance needed to still pay some attention to the world around us. Making good decisions about what you can influence requires awareness (but not worry or anxiety).
    We are told a lot of people voted for “change” recently. They must not have looked at the facts or voting history of who they were voting for (this can be said of the nominees for both parties). The result? A good portion of the coming cabinet was also part of the last Democratic presidency (we will even still have a Clinton working in the Executive branch again).This is not a change.
    It is important to pay attention and be informed while not letting those things affect you. However, ignoring everything not immediately under your control eventually can allow those other things to affect you.
    Y2K was a good example of what I am thinking about. There were people that sold their homes and moved to the country expecting society to collapse. Others failed to prepare and found their computers not working properly (yes it did cause some problems). The right choice was to update your computers and enjoy the New Years Eve in 1999-2000 with family and friends (and maybe keep an eye out for some minor problems that were missed).
    I think the real killer is worry. Worrying about the past or future instead of living now can make life not enjoyable. Past performance does not equal future performance.

  3. We always talk about past, think about what is going to happen in the near future, and sometimes if we manage to wake up from “dreaming” we realize that we forget to live now – in the present. This is a common thing nowadays and it is great that you posted that big picture inside your post. Maybe it will help a lot of people realize that it is time to live NOW, it’s time to wake up. That being said, both my wife and me thank you for writing this article. We sustain the idea that no matter what happens there is always the bright side of things. You just need to have the necessary knowledge and experience in order to see it πŸ˜‰

    God Bless You and Your Whole Entire Family,
    Billy and Maria

  4. Yes all are talking about past It means they have some unforgettable moment happened. According to me 2008 was a very good year. I passed my degree and got a new job more than that some personal changes happened in my life.Still I am in wonder because an astrologer told all these things very early.

    • Day Care – You would define someone who is too preoccupied with the future. Trust God to take care of the future and leave it to Him. Consulting an astrologer shows lack of faith in God (and shows that you don’t care that he said not to consult astrologers). You’ll find that on the whole, astrologers are either inaccurate or give information that is vague and your own imagination adds to it making it seem like good information.

  5. Hi James

    I have strong belief on God and he said not to consult astrologer I know it very well but just for fun I have consulted an astrologer and I didn’t take his words in much care but after all the things happened I just wondered,One more thing is that was my first consulting with an astrologer in my life. I don’t wish to consult an astrologer again.Let me tell the main point that was given by the astrologer is “entire change in love life” it happened I lost my relation.Now I am trying to forget everything and Reloading..

    Thanks a lot for your advice and I wish to hear from you.Surely I will include you in my prayer May god bless you.

    • day Care – πŸ™‚ Didn’t mean to come across as preaching. You’ve a great example of why not to do it there. I hope God blesses you also and not just for the coming year.

  6. 2008 was a year of transition for me. Started a new job. Moved from West coast to East coast. Took half the year to figure out I didn’t like it, and the other half to figure out a way to get back.

  7. I’ve been commited to my new year’s resolution for 2 months now. I’m smoking and drinking less. I’m jogging 3 times a week. I think I’ll be able to stick with it for the rest of the year.

  8. My 2008 year wasn’t a great year, but I am looking for 2009 to be my best year, at least that’s what I hope, because I desperately need it to be my best year! Especially with the way the economy has gotten.

    Till then,


  9. The year 2008 was very painful to me and more sacrifice.But year 2009 is quite lucky because i found a new job and a new life that has a goal to achieve.

  10. You are right, what is past is past. 2008 is history. Right now its all about 2010. If you did great for yourself last year. Ok, that is last year, you have to do great now as well. Actually you have to do better. If you did horribly, alright ok.. so what are you going to do about it? Cry about it or strive to do better, to more than make up for it. The past is past. Don’t judge yourself on it.

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