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  1. You say you think Christmas needs more commericalization but you don’t explain yourself fully. As someone who isn’t particularly religious I don’t follow many traditions but I do think that it is sad for the people who do see it as a religious festival that it has become so commericalizated over time.

  2. Christmas and Easter have to a great extent lost their true meanings and are largely about buying unnecessary products from multinationals. This is giving multinationals more power and causing financial misery for poor people

  3. The commercialisation of Christmas and Easter and buying of Easter eggs and gifts which people don’t need etc. are a way for the world system to focus people away from what they should be using their money for.

  4. A very good insight, You have raised many important points in your article. Important is that Jesus died for our sins & we are still busy living sinfully. Christmas & Easter have lost their true meanings, buying expensive items will just please one’s self & give temporary happiness, but religious occasions can give you internal happiness that can last for a long time.

  5. And if there would be more commercialization during the season there would be more jobs and people would be happier… Yes I know it doesn´t works that way but for me the X-mas is time for my family… the time I mostly only spend eith them on this holiday season. In my mind in that case I would have to make an effort to see them. Would it make me a better person – propably not but I would sure better.

  6. Yeah, I personally have mixed feelings about this. People already go overboard as is maxing out their credit cards to buy Christmas gifts. This would only worsen the problem. We need to learn to celebrate holidays in a way that emphasizes time spent together with family, not the exchange of material gifts. That’s just my take on the entire debate.
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  7. LOL oh my i like when you talk about the cashier i have been in that position before even if i was just there for 3 hours so many costumers treat cashier people like complete trash whats wrong with people today!

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