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  1. A couple of years ago I was out working in a storm. I had a big umbrella up and when I finished I raced back to my car. I pulled the unmbrella down, jumped into the car and closed the door. A second later the whole car lit up. I had been hit by lightening. It was amazing and shocking all at once. I was fine inside the car and there was no damage to the car either. If I had been just a couple of seconds slower or the lighting arrived sooner, I recon would have been toast.

    You be careful out there storm chasers.

  2. Nothing like seeing wall clouds approaching! I was fortunate enough to see a funnel cloud that did not touch down. It appeared as if a few clouds were interacting and they were rotating. The surrounding clouds were not rotating, and let me tell you I watched this rotation until it stopped about five minutes later. That’s the closest I have ever been, or ever want to be, to a tornado!

  3. Yeah tornado warnings are always very frightening. I always feel that storm chasers are either brave or incredibly stupid, lol. I just can’t understand why you would want to become a storm chaser. It seems like that storm spotting class did you quite well! It seems like you have become quite knowledgeable.

    Till then,


  4. Haha, I love this show, I saw it last weekend and I couldn’t believe that people can live and rest in such an environment, especially when the guy went to texas and was chasing the storm there, awesome.

  5. You bet there is no tornado in the UK. It is also so could there that there is no hot air mass to collide with the cold one. Moreover it rains all the time, clouds there didn’t learn how to store water 🙂 But joke aside, living with the thought that a tornado can srtike anytime kinda’ makes you a bit paranoid every time you see a seriously dark cloud, doesn’t it?

    Jean Célibataire Endurcis last blog post..Et le lendemain…

  6. Jean- Most storm chasers are not paid in any form. There is a large number of hams that are involved in storm spotting – nearly 80% of reported storms are spotted by hams (amateur radio).

  7. Those pics are amazing. I don’t know why but I love this feeling that you get before the storm. You know, everything gets quiet and dark, people suddenly dissapear and you’re all alone. It’s kinda nice.

  8. Great article and great pictures! I think the weather is changing-too-fast-phenomenon for modern science. There are simply too many variables to make it all simplier.

  9. First of all, great pictures. It doesn’t even look that windy until you look at that tree, we don’t get wind that strong down here where I’m from. I think you’re right though, that the government could have spent money allowing households to install a storm warning alert system.

  10. I had no idea there were still storm spotters. I just figured that computers did all that stuff for us now.

    Since I didn’t know things close to the ground could not be seen on radar, it makes a lot of sense to have storm spotters. Interesting post.

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