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  1. Why would they keep fake roses in a cooler? Your wife is right, mine always told me not to get her any roses for valentines day. I ignored her for 23 years. If I had listened to her, I would have 2300 plus interest saved up. That is one think my ex was definitely right about.

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  2. You have to ignore stuff like that. Even if she says that she doesn’t want anything you can’t just ignore valentine’s day or there will probably be consequences ;). Also how did they manage to mix up fake roses with natural ones? I understand that you don’t see the difference but come on, the girl who sold them to you should’ve known better.

  3. For Valentine’s, my wife and I went to see the Peking Acrobats at the historic Pabst Theater. I think it was better than roses. We also bought the DVD and CD they had on sale so we have something to remember it with.
    She did mention something about where were the roses…

    As far as keeping the silk flowers in a cooler-I don’t think anyone at the store knew.

  4. I’d been giving roses every day to my girl friend every day, each and every day was valentine day for me, but now it ends up sadly. I hope you’d great time on last valentine.

  5. That’s a fantastic story and something you can remember every year, as the roses will never die just like your love for each other.
    I remember doing a similar thing for my girlfriend as was (now wife) it was hot and I put the roses in a jug of water, left them int he car when i got home I put them in a cold area then gave them later when I met her, I think the extreme telperatures made them pirk up, cause she said she’d never seen roses as noce as this.


  6. Yeah I just don’t understand it.. why put silk roses in the cooler? Ridiculous. Haha its cute that you still have them in a vase with water. I think women will say stuff like that because they dont want you to be obliged to get something, but if you want to do it out of you heart, and get something special then its always nice.


  7. It is still possible to give a meaningful and memorable Valentine’s Day gift, one just needs to be creative and true. Share your ideas on the best Valentine’s Day gifts on a budget and bear in mind that any gift if given with love will always be priceless!

  8. Plan and make your partner’s favorite meal at home. Instead of waiting for a table at an overcrowded, less-than-intimate restaurant, set the table with your good china, and plan out a menu complete with an appetizer, first course, main dish and dessert.
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  9. Damn, that would have been very embarrasing for you and I understand why your wife had said to not to give anything on Valentine’s Day, she was angry at that time to be honest. But if you go by her first reaction to that gift, you said she was really happy! That says a lot…no wonder she wants to save you some money but deep down her heart she does want you to pamper her and show your love on Valentine’s Day. So I would say….do give her roses next time too but yes this time do check if they’re real or fake. OR the best gift you can give to her is to spend your whole day with her…or maybe take an early off from work and go out spend some time together…dinner etc…that can be a very big gift to your wife as well i.e. your attention, love and time. 🙂

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