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  1. by telling us the story about the Apollo you got my emotions related to that really i am so pleased that we got the chance to hear that one & really your all the things aspects related to them are 100% applicable!

  2. when the Apollo mission was beginning i was not present in this world at that time but i got to know about it from my father & today i got some info from you & also i visited the given site by you there i watched the whole Apollo mission as a virtual thanks for that really it sounds like i am also present at that time !
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  3. I wasn’t around 40 years ago when the moon landing happened, but I watched some of this live on the website you refereed to, actually a friend sent it to me the other day. I think it’s awesome how they were able to do that and just stream everything live as it were back in the day!

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  4. well, it’s a contentious issue, despite the heaps of evidence available to us from NASA personnel, TV archives and museums (not to mention physically returned moon rocks), there is still a grumbling doubt that the whole thing might just have been made up. The movie ‘Capricorn One’, where fictitious American astronauts were removed from their rocket and driven to a film set in the desert to record their Moon landing, has a deep and lasting resonance with me. It could have been faked, even if the Apollo astronauts really did actually walk on the surface of the Moon.
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  5. when Apollo mission was going to start up(I was the technical assistant for Mr. martin in the main department of training)that time i was just thinking how strange feeling it was,as you are seeing the moon as your destination to which Within sometime our men will reach to make a history!REALLY IT IS JUST AN AMAZING FEELING WHICH I CANNOT EXP[LAIN!

  6. Yeah, these images are great and how beautiful Earth looks from the moon. Such a great sight. With it the lesson you gave was even more beautiful. It’s true that as we’re advancing, we’re actually getting lazy and we’re not creating the desire to learn more and become better. Try to find out more about the nature and other fields.

  7. I supposed the Mars mission would get similar yet different publicity. It´s going to be the next big thing in space travel and a giant leap to modern mankind.

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