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  1. Planse -In our case it was a call from a collection agency-worse than a bill.

    Dwayne -Actually, we may be pretty safe now also. :)We signed up for Lifelock to make sure it does not happen again.

  2. Ugh, I even felt a little bit sick reading about your situation, and I can only imagine how you all feel. That is truly awful news. I wish you the best of luck and that hopefully somehow the situation will turn out better than it seems to be . . . fingers crossed for you.

  3. Bay Area – I too am wondering why it can be so easy for really anyone that might have access to a little information to really rack up a huge debt on a credit card with little proof. We put a lot of faith in the US Postal system not being tampered with. One day’s mail could give someone all the information they need to ruin you plus the open invitation from the credit cards to do it.
    Also, there are some serious problems with the credit bureaus accuracy. I supposedly had a gasoline company card about 7 years before I was born. You would think that the date of birth on the same report would have flagged something there.

  4. I haven’t had my identity stolen but I did have a surprise when we pulled my credit report in order to buy a house. A state had filed a bogus tax lien on me that I had no idea about. We got it taken care of with the mortgage company but it took me a few different tries to get it removed from my credit report.

    Talk to a mortgage loan officer. They have special abilities to help clean up erroneous items on your credit report.

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  5. Recently i was investigating a case, in which scammer sent out a Paypal phishing email to a user, user was fooled and he gave out all his details except his credit card numbers. Scammer rang the user as he got all the details from the phishing email, pretending a call from Paypal. He mentioned, we sent out you an email but unfortunately you didnt provide a valid credit card number, user thought this is legitmate call and he gave his credit card details.

    After one month, he noticed 3k fraudulent charges on this credit card plus he lost his identity.

  6. There are so many scams that are done these days. I had my purse stolen. I cancelled all my cards and notified the bank. Two weeks later I look at my new account and found that someone cashed a bad check with my license and got away with 1300 bucks.

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