I Am Not Going To Die Here

The image represents André Rieu in Atlantic City
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It had been a particularly awful day.

He had achieved what he thought was his lifetime dream. He had made it to what was suppossed to be, the top of his profession.

He had practiced literally for years, studied, and practiced more. Upon achieving the top of his profession he found all was not what he expected.

He worked long hours. He was underpaid. He was just another cog in the wheel. It was depressing.

Arriving home that one day he told his wife:

“I am not going to die here.”

Andre Rieu now lives in a castle.

He is one of the most popular classical artists in the world. How much can change when you make the decision to change it.

I heard this part of an interview with Andre Rieu as I was passing through the living room. My mother was watching him on PBS (once in a while they do have something worth watching). I became an instant fan of Andre Rieu. Waltzes are not my favorite classical music but I admire Rieu as a man.

For me, that statement “I am not going to die here.” represents a determination to change what may be wrong in life and make it what you expected it to be. To not continue down the same path when you know it is not going where you want. To not settle for less than you expect.

What Andre Rieu has done since that day is amazing.

He has his own orchestra. He lives in a castle. He is living life the way he dreamed.

For me, the statement above has become a source of motivation when I don’t quite feel like putting in the extra work I need to do to go forward. If I am not going to die here, it is going to take some work to get out of here and somewhere I want to be.

How about you? Are you where you want to be? Are you doing what you want? Are you going to change it, or are you just going to die there?

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