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  1. Ye, I did the same thing when I was a student. Because I needed to program c++ code in Linux.

    In my opinion Linux is a simpler, but much lighter OS than XP and Vista. XP and Vista just snack on your computer’s resources making it slower than Linux.

    Joes last blog post..Defrag my Computer

  2. I have used Linux very sparingly, so I can’t really compare it to OSX Leopard, XP or Vista. However, I can say unequivocally that Vista is a piece of junk. XP and OS Leopard and Tiger and Panther blow Vista away. Vista is just the biggest scam since Laserdisc.

  3. I have a lot clients to convince to overcome the hurdle of the Windows “hegemony” as a programmer friend puts it. One of the issues of concern as you indicated was the reliability and availability of Linux drivers versus those for Windows OS. Many are afraid their peripherals will not run properly or at all. Thanks for Linux advocacy, James.

  4. Windows programs don’t uninstall cleanly either. Most leave trash in the registry and many hide things so they can tell if they have been installed before.

    I think it was a version of TurboTax that changed a bit in my boot record. It killed my XOSL boot manager and rendered my PC unbootable. I had a backup but it prompted me to look into Linux too. Now I use Linux almost exclusively. 🙂

  5. This is a really interesting post comparing Windows and Linux. With technology advancing all the time, it is interesting to see the comparison of operating systems and how they have improved or been out ranked. For web conferencing it is so important that we have a good operating system.

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