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  1. Whilst it’s unlikely that G will pull out of China altogether (think of the loss in profits) I reckon they will could move their data centres to another country.

    Will China ban access to Google? Unlikely. Whilst still a communist state, the population have shown that they are prepared to stand up for their rights and the leaders of the country know full well that they risk a huge backlash.

    • @paul: From what I understand, China has not exactly been profitable for Google (if we are to believe their competition Baidu). So it is possible they could leave.
      Also, don’t discount the necessity of communist countries to control what people perceive as the truth. Take North Korea. Even the Chinese laugh at what they believe, yet they have no other avenue to information but what the government tells them. This is one of the basics of communism and socialism (control of the press).
      A free search engine can destroy the view the government wishes to believe. Just a note, even the free press can fail miserably.

  2. In what I’ve been reading, I believe neither Google nor Chinese government is innocent. Questions arises in my mind, how come the email accounts of those human rights activists were so prone to hacking? I mean how come their passwords were regularly getting hacked, and they didn’t know anything about it. The Google’s system isn’t that easy to pass through so I think it could be phishing but still it does seem one loophole to me.

    And well the less we talk about communism, the better. We all know what goes behind the closed doors.

  3. I do not think Google will ever take the case of pulling out of China seriously. China makes up 1/6 of the whole population, and with the highest number of people surfing the net in the world, it is the one country where all the technology companies are eager to invest, even if it means compliance with the Chinese government and its censorship regulations.
    I do not see any companies pulling out of China.

  4. That seems alarmist to many experts. Yet most agree that infiltrating networks is pretty easy for those who have the will, means and the time to spare. Governments know this because they are such enthusiastic hackers themselves.

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