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  1. It is most gratifying that your enthusiasm for our search engine continues unabated. As a token of our appreciation, we hope you will enjoy the two thermonuclear missiles we’ve just sent to converge with your web site. To ensure ongoing quality of service, your death may be monitored for training purposes. Thank you.


  2. Hi, Thanks for stopping by my Gizmo site. Re your comment about the Iphone as opposed to the Itouch not everyone wants the big phone (compared to the teeny phones you can get nowadays) and not everyone has AT&T as their cell service provider or wants it. You get the chance to have that super technology without committing to a phone and contract. I think it’s a nice alternative, polishing cloth not withstanding!

    Great article above btw. Never even considered the other search guys.

  3. James,

    This is an awesome article and I like your start 🙂 Great attention grabber!

    Thanks for dropping on my blog and let me discover yours…


  4. A very good article, as usual, but I have to add somehting to it. The no follow attribute was created by GOOGLE (Matt Cuts and Jason Shellen to be more exact) so what does that tell you?

    About comment spam… spammers couldn’t care less about the nofollow attribute. They know that people FOLLOW so it really doesn’t matter whether the link has the attribute.

  5. Michael – Thanks very much, it means a lot.
    Mig – I did not know Matt Cuts and Google were the creators of nofollow just that they were an early supporter. All I could remember from back then was that there was an agreement among the SE’s to use nofollow to help clear spam sites from the indexes. It hasn’t worked and I do not think paid links completely responsible.
    About the comment spam, you are completely right. That is why so many blogs are using dofollow now.

  6. I was slapped with Page Rank demotion (more like elimination), but I didn’t know about “no follow” until later. Don’t paid links businesses forbid you from adding “no follow” to their links? I thought so.

  7. RT – I’m glad you like the quotes. I don’t think many people realize that Douglas Adams was a real leader in authors on the internet and using computers.

    Mrs. Mecomber – It depends a lot on the way the link is sold. Some of the paid post systems required no no follow in the posts – this is why Google is hitting authors that participated in it. Advertising used for traffic and not pagerank has no need for a no follow link.


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