What Comment Spammers Have In Common With O.J. Simpson

Sometimes I almost feel sorry for comment spammers. Almost, but not quite, and then I regain my sanity.

I get comment spam like the following once in a while.

xxxxx | xxxxx@gmail.com | google.com | IP: xx.162.135.x

If you want to delete your site from our spam bases – just email us with domain of your site:


thank you!

I have removed any unique text that would make this a searchable text.

I put x’s for the name, Gmail username, and part of the ip address. I also changed the domain in the abuse email, which was inbox at some odd country domain suffix. I did this because the spammers may be doing a search for unique text strings to see if the spam is getting though on sites. Once it makes it on a site, you can bet more will soon be on the way. A lot more.

Do they really think I am dumb enough to fall for this?

Is there anyone that dumb that can post to a blog that would fall for this? Besides the fact the domains are so odd, why would you do their work? Not like they are being honest in the first place. Errr-yeah, maybe his site is really google.com.

Now if I were a spammer – and I most definitely am not…

I would not refer to a spam base. Kinda like admitting your guilt.

It is a bit like O.J. Simpson.

At the best, your O.J. trying to tell how you would have done it different if you really had wanted to do it. Only not with as much credibility. And nobody is going to buy the story that it was Michael Jackson’s missing glove.

Comment spammers are just lucky they aren’t treated like email spammers.

It would be nice to see some real penalties for spamming. Unfortunately, even email spam is still not under control and we even have laws against it.

Personally, I find comment spam a worse offense than most email spam.

With a broadband connection, email spam is just a minor irritation and no real harm done to me. Not much worse than taking the junk mail out of the post box. Email spam is offensive though when it contains porn. Much of the male enhancement emails lately are not a whole lot better.

Comment spam has the potential to harm a site.

If you are linking to sites that are labeled spam, your site could become guilty by association. This will damage your ranking. That mean less traffic from search engines.

Comment spammers are willing to risk your site’s health for a few days of traffic for their site.

All they want is the traffic for a few days. Your site and the links on it give them a temporary boost in ranking and traffic. Once the search engines label their site as spam, they just build a new site and do it over again. Your site is now ruined as far as search engine ranking is concerned. They don’t care about the site you spent a year developing.

Just like O.J. Simpson, spammers will eventually get caught.

Sooner or later, they will get what’s coming to them.

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