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  1. That is a great, true quote from Lorelle. I would prefer to read something that is trendy, maybe with some grammar errors or what have you rather than the same old stuff over and over just with different wording. Keep up the great work. Always inspiring!

    To Your Success!
    Shannon Q.

    P.S. I wondered if you guys have read these FREE reports yet. It talks about the DISASTER on the web 2.0 technology. You can download it at:
    (Wild Stuff. No Affiliate link either!)

  2. Thanks for recommending my article on writing from problogger and I’m almost in tears reading about how it impacted you. The example you gave is wonderful.

    As much as everyone wants to get caught up in “screw the rules”, many people want to learn how to write and speak better and blogs are a valuable learning tool in that regard.

    But NOTHING replaces the courage and conviction of someone who wants to make themselves heard, to let their voice ring out, to show off their style, to make a difference, to boldly go where few people should…no matter how well they can spell – or dance. I will always honor those who make the attempt over those who never try.

    Thank you for getting that most…most important point.

  3. Lorelle,
    Thank you for your comment. I think your blog helps many not just make the attempt, but succeed.

    I plan to be one of those that succeed.
    Thanks again,

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