The Key To Successful Blogging And How To Make Money On The Internet

 Recently, Lorelle from Lorelle on WordPress did a guest post at Problogger.

I have been reading Lorelle’s posts at WordPress since I started blogging.

All her posts are well written and and she should probably be on every blogger’s reader list. Even if you don’t use a WordPress blog, much of her insight into blogging is useful matter what platform you use. Her guest post was about the importance of writing in blogging. Lorelle had a long list of points about the importance of writing and using actual words in a post.

It was nearly her last point that got me thinking:

Write With Conviction and Passion: Even if you write badly, if you write with conviction and passion, then we will read you.

There are two ways to hold your reader’s interest. Show them something they’ve never seen before, or show them something in a way they’ve never seen it before.

Blogging that gets noticed and linked to is all about seeing things in a new light. A university advertising professor once told me there are “no new ideas, only new ways of presenting old ideas”. Present information from a unique perspective and writing with a fresh angle and you will attract attention.

Source: Blogging Is About Writing

Her point about doing it, even if you do it badly, really made me think.

Perhaps, one of the best examples of this is Matt Harding from Where the Hell Is Matt. I think he is a prime example of just doing something.

I find Matt’s video very inspirational.

I think it is the story behind it that makes it really inspirational. From what I understand from Matt’s blog is that he just decided he wanted to do more. He wanted to see the world. So he just went out and did it.

He took the remark of a friend to film himself dancing in each place and turned it into one of the most popular videos on the Internet. What does he do? He dances badly. But he does it. I’m sure, when he was doing this, at times he thought "why bother."

After all, when Matt Harding started, he probably wasn’t thinking it was going to be a big deal.

Why not just enjoy the scenery and skip the dance? Even Matt Harding says he dances badly. There are probably better ways to spend a vacation. I’m sure there are times he feels little funny, dancing in front of people as they watch.

What does dancing badly have to do with blogging and making money on the Internet?

My point is that even though Matt Harding may dance badly, he does it. And he didn’t spent six months trying to figure out how he should dance before he started.

A lot of times I spend too much time thinking about how I should do something. I spent a lot of time studying to make sure that I do it the correct way. I see this in other people who are trying to make money on the Internet also.

Often, there is a fear of doing it wrong or doing it badly that keeps us from starting to do things.

 Perhaps it is just the fear of the unknown. Perhaps it is even fear success. Yet, if you really want to be successful, you have to just start and do it.

So stop thinking about making money on the Internet.

Stop trying to figure out the best form of Internet marketing to work on. Stop trying to find the absolute best template to use for Adsense. Just start doing it, doing the work.

Yes, you may make mistakes.

Yes, you may do something very badly. You may even embarrass yourself, but you will be a lot more successful in the long run. You will learn from your mistakes. You will be a better blogger or Internet marketer because of them. Who knows, you may one day be the leading expert that other people are quoting.

Matt Harding’s video has been watched well over 6 million times. I bet nearly everyone who has watched Matt dance has enjoyed it. Has gone away inspired by it. Not bad for someone who thinks he dances badly.

By the way, Matt Harding, if you read this, you dance far better than I do. Can I get lessons?