The $7 Answer to the Big Bucks Internet Marketing Gurus

If you’re interested in Internet marketing, no doubt you’re on several of the Internet marketing guru’s mailing lists.

 Weekly, if not daily you’re inundated with the latest big secret that only they know that will make you money.  The prices they charge for these secrets usually ranges from $47 to often thousands of dollars.  While the information may be useful, it’s often too expensive.

Jonathan Leger, the creator of Translation Gold and Adsense Gold has a $7 report on Internet marketing.  This 30 page report contains enough information to show you how to sell your own information products.  He even includes the scripts that he uses with it.

The $7 Secrets Report

Here’s a few chapter titles and subtitles from the table of contents in the report:

1. Why Information Is the Perfect Product
You need to be selling information–here’s why.

3. The $7 Secrets Method
How the $7 Secrets method solves information’s problems.

5. Why Super Affiliates LOVE to Promote These $7 Reports
My affiliates sent 17,785 visitors in the first six days.

6. Putting It All Together
The five-step summary of my $7 Secrets method.

7. The Fastest, Easiest Way to Sell $7 Reports
Download the scripts I use to make it a breeze–free!

For $7, this report is one of the most useful that I have read.

I really like the idea.  His system of selling information products makes nearly every product viral.  I plan to use some of these methods in products that I am planning to develop. The information is simple to understand and easy to use.  I downloaded the $7 Secrets report not even realizing that you can make 100% commission as an affiliate for it.

The author includes the scripts you need to duplicate his methods.

This is a great way to use information products to build your lists as well as make a good income.

So, you could go out and pay $47, $67, $397, or $4997 (and yes I’ve seen Internet marketing information sold in those price ranges) and still not get information as practical, useful, and as inexpensive to implement as the $7 report.  It’s a no-brainer.

The $7 Secrets Report