Should You Join In The BlogRush?

Is it the latest goldrush for bloggers?

One of the hottest topics right now with bloggers is BlogRush but could there be a hidden danger?.

At first, I ignored it much like Agloco. You may notice though, that I have now added the widget to this blog. I admit, I am still skeptical about it. With Agloco on the other hand, I do not think you’ll ever see me promote.

The great promise is more traffic to your blog.

Hey, who could be against that? All you do is put the widget on your blog and the traffic will come storming to your front page. Right? Where’s the harm?

There is one possible danger that I can think of.

Are you familiar with BlogExplosion? This is one of the other popular blog traffic programs out there. With BlogExplosion, you get traffic credits while surfing other BlogExplosion blogs. It is my belief that Google considers BlogExplosion against Adsense terms of service and the reason some blogs have lost their Adsense accounts. It was something I noticed with a lot of bloggers that complained about losing their accounts.

However, there is a big difference.

With BlogRush there is no particular reason to click on any links and follow. It really is just another link to another website. BlogExplosion definitely had a click through incentive to go to a site. There should be no danger to your Adsense income with BlogRush.

Will BlogRush be effective?

I kind of doubt it. I have seen similar widgets before. This may be the first one to have the backing of a big name like John Reese, but I am not sure in the long run it will be any more effective.

I suspect for most of us it will be more like the California Gold Rush.

Many will try. Few will get the traffic they thought they would find. Most will not see much improvement at all.

Also, it seems to favor sites with lots of traffic already.

The more often the widget is shown on your blog, the more links to your site will show. So, if you already have 2000 visitors a day, your site will be shown 2000 times. If you have 10 visitors a day, your site will show 10 times. And remember, there is no reason for someone to follow the link to your site.

You do get extra links from other blogs that you encourage to use the widget.

I would love it if you use my BlogRush link to get your widget. It is free after all.

Is it really free?

What is John Reese getting out of this? He is probably getting some real good stats from all the widgets out there. He will know what categories of blogs are getting traffic and what those readers are interested in looking at. You can decide if that is information about your site you want to share. You are probably sharing the information with someone already. Even if you do not realize it.