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  1. Hi James. Thanks for visiting my Zen blog, just a return visit.. You have some good information here. Problem is I ran into problems with google last year, somebody was clicking on my ads without my knowledge and I was banned. I sent an e-mail of appeal, but unfortunately failed. So I just moved on. It’s a shame really, because it was really beginning to work, but I can understand google’s position.

  2. Adsense is an easy, effective solution, but there are many alternatives. You will notice that I do not have an Adsense ad in the article (I almost put one in but decided not to). While it may be easier, many internet marketers will claim that there are better ways to make money online.

  3. My Adsense account was disabled too, I appealed twice but to no avail, so I continued on my blogging journey which I enjoy so much. I am here only two odd months. Adsense is easy and popular but I agree there are definatley better ways to make money online. Your site is informative, Ill be back.


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