Keyword Avalanche-What Is It?

Keyword Avalanche is one of the best resources I found for Internet marketing.

*update March 15,2007 Keyword Avalanche is open for a brief time with a special invitation see my post on the Keyword Avalanche offer here . * 

It is a closed, limited membership forum.  This means it’s use is limited to members only and there is a limit to the number of members.

Keyword Avalanche used to have a somewhat black hat focus.

The building of portals and blog farms is a subject that has been well covered and discussed in detail on the forum.  There are members on the forum that make thousands per month using these methods.  The members know which software programs work and which ones do not.  If you are considering the BH side of website development, this is definitely the place to discover what to use and how to do it.  However, black hat methods are no longer the focus and there is a strong emphasis on white hat methods.

Keyword Avalanche now has a very strong white hat focus.

 If you want to know the safe way to get traffic to your website you’ll find the answers at Keyword Avalanche.  Some of the leading article marketers are members at Keyword Avalanche.  Tim Gorman’s section on article marketing is worth the price of the membership all by itself.  His willingness to share what has worked for him is an example for anyone to follow.

Besides the forum, Keyword Avalanche has even more to offer.

 While not all the free bonus gifts are super useful for my needs, I have found some of them to be incredibly useful and both time and money saving.  The forum will often have special offers for many products.  This is not usually a discount, but the product at the normal price minus the affiliate’s pay.  You’ll also see honest reviews of other web development software and Internet marketing products.  This can save you a bundle if you’re the type that gets suckered into every Internet marketing product that gets hyped.

Two more extremely valuable benefits of being a Keyword avalanche member.

One is a monthly credit to Nichebot.  This is of the most valuable keyword resources I’ve found on the Internet. You get enough credits for 100,000 keywords a month! The second is 200 to 300 PLR articles.  The articles come with keyword lists, and are soon to be coming with complete Web templates.  Imagine, a complete website with articles and graphics.

One warning, it can all be a little bit too much at first.

There is a lot of valuable information to learn.  Many people, including myself, get a little bit overwhelmed after first joining.  Don’t try to do too much at once.  If you’re interested in portals, stick with that at first.  If you’re interested in article marketing, stick with that for a while.  Trying to learn it all will get you nowhere.  There’s just too much information there to learn!

There is a cap on Keyword Avalanche membership.

However, occasionally membership is reopened.  If you think you might be interested, follow the link and sign up on the list for the next opening if it is currently closed.  You can decide later if you still want to join.  I have several memberships, and Keyword Avalanche is the best bargain among them. I am sure you will agree.

*update March 15,2007 Keyword Avalanche is open for a brief time with a special invitation see my post on the Keyword Avalanche offer here . * 

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