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  1. Hello There!
    You might be interested for a Customized WordPress Theme
    or a Blog ReDesign.

    Please view my Portfolio:

    I work with my clients closely. I start with psd designs,
    and present it. From there, changes are made to the
    design until it suits the clients taste.
    Then I will code it for WordPress.
    If you want to know more or have questions to ask me,
    feel free to send me an e-mail. Thank You.

    ChiQ M.

  2. Nice spam ChiQ! If you were really good, you would have at least told why it is related to the post. I’m leaving it up though-for now.
    james, I have read where some have switched single or double quotes in the code to get it to work. I think it is odd Google would have introduced something that is such a problem. Introduce AdSense for mobi sites and then make video ads a problem for possibly the most popular blogging platform? Does not make sense. (AdSense?)

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