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  1. Good post,
    There are a lot of people out there that are searching for the ultimate dream of online marketing. And most of these wealthy people that have generated money so far have taken advantage of that. Some of the best known bloggers have made them self popular by teaching people to make money online, rather than actually doing it any other way. If you take the Make Money online concept away from the internet, then who would be the wealthiest marketer out there. Because I do not see adsense making you rich.

  2. I don’t want my blog to be about making money online but as of late, many of my posts have been on the subject. I am letting my readers guide my posts. The one’s on making money always seem to get the most comments. I do try to stagger them for “making money online” is not my sites purpose. I would say that my real purpose is to post current industry trends and cool tools for techies.

  3. Makeing money online is not a niche anymore it is a market sector. Therefore to get out of the rat race and to avoid being drowned find a niche within the sector. Such niches as “making money online with make money online blogs” or “adverts” or “how to write a better make money article” or ignore me and find a fresh take on the whole thing.

  4. I was a little bit scared when I first clicked on the article, as I started a blog with a similar topic not more than a week ago. However I think one of the important things, as it is with any blog, is to put your own spin on it. As long as you aren’t copying and pasting what others write, you have a shot at success. You couldn’t be more right about the fact that SO many people get online solely with the hopes of making easy money.

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