Is Adsense Dead?

There is a free ebook you can download about decreasing profits sith adsense.

If you would like to read it just click the banner below to go download it.

The author talks about his personal test for the effectivness of Adsense on websites. He has some very valid points. Just skiming the book, he seems to propose using affiliate ads instead.


Many of the more successful internet marketers are successful with affiliate marketing instead of Adsense.

Do I think Adsense is dead? I am not in a place to make that judgement. I think Google has a few problems with they way they treat both publishers and advertisers. Yet, right now, Google has all the resources it would need to fix any problems. Of course, if Google’s stock dropped to $20 dollars a share, they could be worse off than any other internet related company.
I think it is worth the download and reading.

 Besides, it’s free.