Has Text Link Ads Thrown In The Towel?

Has the Google-slap had it’s intended effect already?

The Text Link Ads calculator seems to be showing some very interesting results now.

If you were thinking of using TLA on your site, they had a calculator that could tell you what you might expect to make on your site. It would calculate what you would make depending on how many ads you wished to run.

Forget about text link ads It seems that TLA is now telling us that you won’t make any money with them anymore.

The calculator now gives some very odd results.

Where you used to get a $ figure, you will now get one of several results.
While they might have been comical, they show the effect of the Google-slap on it’s competition. The paid link market has crashed.

Here are some screenshots from the calculator.

I am not sure when TLA made these changes to the calculator, but it sure shows the market since the Google-slap.

DigitalKeyTo.info’s calculation:

TLA Caculator for digitalketoinfo

How about John Chow’s site?

Same result. It is not just my site-it is the paid links.


Here are two more results you will get:



I find it sad to see this.

Text Link Ads has been a favorite advertiser for many blogs. It provided an excellent option to AdSense. It gave a consistent income that could be fairly reliable as long as you had the Alexa ranking needed to attract advertisers.

You can also see for yourself at the Text Link Ads site.

The link ad calculator is here.

tlahahafunnyIt looks like Google has accomplished it’s goal of crushing their competitor.

Perhaps TLA’s parent company saw this coming when they purchased AuctionAds.com. At the very least, it was a wise decision on their part to add another income stream.

I think having a second plan in line is a good idea for anyone.

The good news is that there are some new alternatives coming up for bloggers and Internet Marketers.

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