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  1. I wonder if maybe they aren’t in the process of updating the scripts that calculate the ad value and rather than prevent anyone from using the calculator it just spits out these comical sayings rather than nothing at all?

    It is interesting, though. I somewhat hope that is not the case, as I had hoped to begin using a system like TLA soon, whether Google likes it or not.

  2. Consider it ZOOMED!

    In the long run, the TLA model which heavily relies on Google PR may be in trouble. Google obviously is trying to be the “link police”. I don’t see much of a change yet in my TLA earnings even after the whole PR fiasco.

  3. Zybron – I don’t know, I was seeing if there were any changes in the estimates and these were the results it gave out. Not encouraging.

    Hock – Thanks for the Zoom. It is a real can of worms right now.

  4. Jayne – You wait till someone wants to buy a link. One suggestion is to make a fake TLA link so that others will buy one. No, I’ve never done that. While the whole talk is about PR, I have found that TLA ads seem most dependent on Alexa rank. The higher your Alexa, the more likely it is you will get TLA advertisers.


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