A $7 Secret or the $77 Secret Affiliate Project X Day Job Killer

Almost as an answer to the $7 Secret report, one of the big buck gurus is introducing a $77 secret book.

Affiliate Project X Day Job Killer is currently being released at $77.  We are told at any time the price may go up.  I’ve been getting tons of e-mail on this for the past few days.

So, which do you think is a better idea?

 An affiliate program design around $7 reports, or program designed on $77 reports?  One claims the secrets it tells will make you millions of dollars.  The other claims that you can actually make a decent living.  Right now, I can probably tell you which one is more hype.

The $7 Secret report more or less based on sharing.

 You get ahead while your affiliates also get ahead.  A win-win situation like Steven Covey would say.  Affiliate Project X Day Job Killer, on the other hand, claims that if you don’t get this information before your competition does, you will forever be poor.

Right now I have no plans to buy Affiliate Project X Day Job Killer.

It simply has too much hype to me, even with a moneyback guarantee.  I’m tired of "Buy now or it will cost you more later."  I’m tired of "This report will make you millions."

If you have the money, and you want to, take a look at Affiliate Project X Day Job Killer. it may be everything it promises.  But I’m sure you can afford to drive the $7 Secrets.

*Edit* I have read several positive reviews of Affiliate Project X by some internet marketers I trust. Most seem to say it has some good stuff. If you bought it, feel free to post your feelings on it.