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  1. Choosing a web host is really hard. Because it is a factor too that your website will be very much exposed to your target market. So when you choose, pick the best.Reviews and ratings can be helpful to your search.

  2. I have really liked HostGator as well. I started off with a shared hosting account and then moved up to a reseller account on a shared server so I could set up each website in a different account instead of using subdomains or add-ons. So far support has been very responsive.

  3. I went for the company with the best customer service because at the end of the day, eventually you will end up with some sort of problem even if you pick the best hosting in the world.

  4. Jason – I have used all the hosts I list above so I feel I can share my experiences with them. So far, HostGator is still the only one I have yet to have any serious issue with among lower cost hosts. ProHosters is a more expensive option but more than most need(but very, very reliable).
    As for GoDaddy, even with domain names, they reserve the right to take back the domain name without notice should they feel so. While I’d ever give them reason to, I find that unacceptable for a domain name. I would expect them to be far more(maybe nearly Blogger level) likely to stop hosting based on this. I also have seen too many bloggers and webmasters that have had issues with their hosting service itself.
    Go to nearly any webmaster, blogging, or internet marketing forum and you will find that GoDaddy does not make many lists for good hosting. They are a good source for domain names (despite what I mention above) but not hosting from what research I have done and people I have contact with.

  5. I agree. It’s really hard to choose the most effective hosting company because some of them has almost the same ratings and you don’t know who’s really effective. Other web hosting companies doesn’t have enough professional workers that really work hard. That’s why they’re more effective on promise rather than the result.

  6. I love HostGator. With their baby plan, I have like 9 domains and I only pay about $7/month. Mind you, I would be paying less if I had been smart enough to sign up for an extended contract and used a friggen coupon code, but meh. Lately, though, HostGator’s customer service has been getting a bit worse. I used to get detailed responses, but nowadays I get lousy advice and excuses. IDK… but I have a feeling they outsourced.


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