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  1. Awwww, man! NOW I find you!

    How I wish I’d seen this BEFORE I pulled out my hair trying to get my WordPress blog up.

    LOL, well, live and learn. Great tutorial, thanks for this!

  2. Making Sales – The way you worded that comment made me think is was spam – had to read it twice. Are you an English major by chance?

    Mrs. Mecomber – I’ll have a lot more tutorials like this.

  3. Inflames – In WordPress, use the export function and export it to your desktop. Once WP is set up on the actual site, you can simply use the import function to transfer it. I have found that images do not transfer and make sure all the posts and pages have been exported and imported before you delete that localhost blog. Import and export are under the Manage tab.

  4. I used to think this was somehow complicated – thank you so much for the informative tutorials.

    I laugh at my ignorance, no really! I had Install4Free do it for me before but they got so overworked they don’t offer the free service anymore… That prompted me to figure out how to do it; good thing I happened on your tuts.

    Thanks again – I’ll be linking to these tuts in my blog very soon!

  5. It is now very easy to setup a site and database for WordPress. If your web host offers Fantastico through your control panel it will create it all automatically. Just a few clicks and you are done.

    frontpage web hostings last blog post..Globat

  6. I know that you wont believe me, that I was trying to create the database for the word press, but I was unable to create it. Suddenly I found your blog, I found my self very lucky one. I already implement it and its working.

  7. Thanks so much for posting the video. My provider didn’t offer me getting to the Control Panel (cpanel) through a link. I had to log in and do it. But figured it out when I watched your video and SAW what I was supposed to be looking for. Then it all came together nicely. Thanks so much for an easy to follow video.

    • @Body and Spirit: Your welcome! Usually, you can get cPanel by using your URL like this: ht tp://yourdomain. com/cpanel.
      Just to let you know, I’ll be eventually posting a lot more blogging hints and helps like this on my new blog which will be posted on this site this weekend.

  8. Excellent video. I’ve never setup a database like this through cPanel. Thanks for the information I’ll keep it in mind. I’ve always used the fantastico installer to create and setup a wordpress blog. Takes less than a minute to install that way.

  9. Yes, WordPress auto installer should handle installation for you automatically but as far as I am aware it shouldn’t ask you to create tables (name, fields etc). I have installed WordPress several times and never remeber seeing anything like that.

  10. I wanted to install WP manually and the most difficult thing is setting the database. wanted to get the solustion from this web, but unluckyly the video is unavailable …. sigh…

  11. There is a lot you need to consider and understand before you decide on WordPress as your publishing platform, and if you expect high traffic volumes. Running WordPress on basic shared hosting will not be sufficient for truly high-traffic sites. Nice resources !

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