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  1. Hi, my name is Connie at Network Solutions. It’s definitely important not to just check price on the domain registrar, but also their full suite of services. We don’t sacrifice price for quality, instead choosing to focus on providing great solutions like SEO and web design to help small businesses get jumpstarted on their web site. So in my mind, there is more to it than just flat out pricing.

  2. One thing that should be mentioned is the length of time you buy the domain. The temptation is to only pay for a year. It is best to buy for longer periods of time so that you reduce your exposure to renewal problems.

    Speaking of renewal, you don’t want to allow your domain to expire. I’ve bought several live sites that the previous owner allowed to expire because they didn’t setup auto-renew, provided incorrect information and so forth. Getting the domain back after expiration is an expensive chore.

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  3. Connie – I completely agree that price is not the only factor. I have experienced a registrar with problems and that is why a quality registrar is a must. A $6 domain is no good if you cannot renew it properly

    Frank – An excellent point! I can’t believe I forgot that. Purchasing more than one year is something you defiantly should do, especially if you plan to keep your business running longer than a year (I think that is what most are working for anyway).
    In addition to avoiding extra renewal problems, I have heard some say that Google likes domains that are purchased for several years. Google at least does prefer older domains.

  4. I will sometimes volunteer to help people find the right names for their websites – I have about 7 sites now – the first few have terrible names,
    (like itmightbelove – way too long!) but now i’m starting to get pretty good at it! and are 2 really good places for some inspiration.

    I agree with the .com only, too. It means you have to be more creative since most of the “good ones” are taken or sitting empty hoping someone will pay thousands of dollars for it – but people will take you a lot more seriously.

  5. Chelle – is not bad! I have much worse ones. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is not something I would recommend for a business, but it is great for a site like yours (very nice btw). If I knew then what I know now…

  6. Other lawyers I know in Austin were really jealous of the name of me website “Austin Counsel”, but they didn’t have to deal with the fact that most people want to spell “counsel” as “council” so I had to do a lot of repeating when I gave my email address over the phone. Oh well, I still like it!

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  7. The point about choosing a .com is pretty good but it is important to remember that it is near impossible to find a good, short .com. Using a dash in the domain can help allow you to get a better name when the non dash version is not available. Maybe it is worth suggesting to register the domain if it is something you might use.

  8. When people search for a website, they will not remember the .net and the first place they will check is the .com adress. When they do not find it there, they will hardly ever think of using .net or .com with a dash. If you still decide to use one of those two you should be certain the .com adress isn’t in use. Otherwise it will result in a lost visitor and maybe even a potential client.

  9. This is true but I would think that a lot of searchers would go to an engine if they are really interested in what the site has to offer. Assuming the site has a decent amount of content, the site should show up on the first page of results, assuming they know the domain but not the extension.

  10. Well, i think that no matter what the name of your business is, your domain should always be the main keyword you’re targeting. This is an easy way to get a good amount of traffic during the first few months after going live. This tip is mostly useful for MSN and not so much for Google.

  11. In my opinion you should buy your companies name as your domain name and purchase either a preowned domain name or a new one with niche keywords. The company name would go on business cards and be fowarded to the actual site run on the keyword riche domain name. This way you extend your brand in the real world and attack your niche in the virtual world.

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  12. I think I probably chose the wrong name for my site (, it has got 1 unwanted symbol (The hyphon) and a z instead of an s on the repairs which puts me down a bit on google

  13. I agree with the Second rule, this is a very important one: Use the tool provided by your domain registrar and only search when you are ready to purchase it. Purchase the domain immediately.

    One time I search for some domains on and I just wait 10-15 mins while I transfer money to my Paypal account and the domain was registered in that short period of time.

    Also when use domains to buy hosting accounts make sure that you own the domain before buying the hosting acount. One time I buy the hosting without registering the domain (yeah I know my mistake :S) , and after I buy the hosting account I tried to register the domain and was already registered.

  14. Awesome article. I was doing extensive research for domains and i like your point “.Com and Only .Com” because i had selected few .net domains too. But i now i got it and do not want to follow my rules. Thanks for such a nice explanation and domain selection tips.

  15. I have had that happen to me too. The domain was free so I decided to look at some cheap domein resellers. At the time I found the cheapest it was already registered ๐Ÿ™

  16. Its fact that people tend to use website with .com very much rather than very much but i did see .com has more preference than .net domains, so i would prefer .com.
    I don’t mean one can not go for .net but its good to choose, .com.

  17. If you are starting a business, you may want to check out the available domain names before you settle on a name for your business. It’s a lot easier to tweak your business name before you have it set in stone in legal documents, business cards, etc.

  18. I think that 4th rule isn’t the best one. Using dashes can help in search engine results ranking and you really rarely advertise on the radio. The best thing is to buy both – with dashes and without.

  19. Dashes will not help with search engine rankings. The SE’s can read the words without the dashes. They do help readers when looking at a search engine results page, but other than that no real help.

  20. I would say agree that if you’re intentions for a website is strictly for a business, and is a website that you will be giving away the name to people on a daily basis by telling them like “go to this website …” then yes indeed a .com is the best choice and you don’t want dashes because it will confuse them. Just imagine how you would tell people in person if they asked for your website name as a good way to know what domain you will register.

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