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  1. coming from BloggingZoom, so you know. Just added you as friend. I am going through the same thing. I am going a different route, I am keeping both web site, and blog. I plan on publishing article on wordpress and have all those benefits, then reference the articles on my web site.

  2. Thanks Localref, I added you also. Blog About Nothing, converting is not too bad as long as you do not have too many pages. If so, it may take time, but I think it is worth it. There are some people who can code and add some features to a static site, but not me. Use XAMMPLite to create a blog on your local machine, to add the content, and to make sure you keep the URL’s the same. Instructions on XAMMPLite are at the WordPress site.

  3. A very useful article.. I am facing the same problem as mentioned… I am planning to move my static site to a blog. And this article was really helpful.

  4. I think its a nice idea that you converted your website to become more interactive. More traffic will really come in to your site when you let others be heard. Suggestions will also come snd will help improve your site.

  5. Blog is really a good way to get interactivity on a website. That is way I’ve added blog page on my static site. now I got the best both world.

    My idea is to have a blogs on my blog page and other information on my original/static page.

    Thanks for the share. I agree with you regarding blog power.

  6. Ouch – looks like a fair bit of effort went into the method and the post, wd, not something I would do myself if needed as I am not that technical to be honest, thankfully i have a nice coder who works for me though!

    Nice informative post for those that wish to make the changeover though, congrats.

    matthews last blog post..AAMCO Transmissions

  7. Nice article. I like the way you converted your static site to a blog. It really impressed me since I had a hard time doing mine. Its really hard updating your site when your no expert to the software that you used. Anyway, Great post!

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