Blogrolls-Should You Have One?

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Google has a patent on their algorithm.

Several months ago,  Darren at Problogger had a guest writer make a post that I had been waiting for someone to make. Someone who can read the jargon the patent is written in and explain it to someone like me.

I am surprised that I have not seen more articles like this about Google’s patent.

There is a lot of speculation about what Google is looking for. It seems like every guru out there will tell you some big secret to winning in the search engines-if you pay enough. Yet, the real facts are out there. Someone just needs to read the patent. No secrets.

I found the article at Problogger really useful.

One thing I found out from Alister Cameron’s article was the importance of blogrolls to Google.

Google’s Verdict: Blogrolls Matter

The Google Blogsearch patent application includes a full three paragraphs dedicated to blogrolls and the significance Google ascribes to them in determining the quality of a blog. So we better not miss this:

[0040] The existence of the blog document in blogrolls may be a positive indication of the quality of the blog document. It will be appreciated that blog documents often contain not only recent entries (i.e., posts), but also “blogrolls,” which are a dense collection of links to external sites (usually other blogs) in which the author/blogger is interested. A blogroll link to a blog document is an indication of popularity of that blog document, so aggregated blogroll links to a blog document can be counted and used to infer magnitude of popularity for the blog document.

Google counts how many other blogs’ blogrolls include a link to your blog, and assigns your blog a score accordingly. This implies that Google knows about blogrolls and respects the fact that bloggers use them to indicate respect/trust/honour for/to other blogs. Blogrolls matter.

Source: How Google Blogsearch ranks your Posts… In their own words!

Over the next few weeks, I will be renaming My Website Resources back to the original Blogroll.

I will also be adding many more blogs to the blogroll. If I understand this correctly, links in the posts and in the blogroll are important to a site getting good ranking. It seems to me that even having it name as "blogroll" may also be important. Not just to the link, but to your blog itself.

I think this makes sense.

It also means that providing a good resource that other bloggers will add to their blogroll is important to helping your blog or site get better ranking.

I will be adding links in my blogroll based on my personal favorite blogs.

Some of these are popular, and really do not need my link, but provide a good resource. Many are already up on it. I will especially be looking for blogs that I like that are also not so popular. I like to try and help the little guy.

One thing I want to avoid is a blogroll that is too long.

I may rotate sites in and out as I find new ones. I think I remember a plug in that rotated blog roll links automatically. That may be something I will look into. If you know of a plugin that handles a blogroll please let me know. There are some that I have been meaning to add for a long time that really deserve all the link love you can give them.