5 Advantages Of WordPress Over A Static Site

Blogs have advantages.

I recently made a post about switching one of my sites to WordPress from a static site.

If you are not sure if you want a blog or a static site, maybe some of these advantages might change your mind. While I am most familiar with WordPress, other platforms like TypePad and Blogger have many of the same advantages. Some of them can really help you succeed online.

5 advantages of WordPress over a static site.

First, easy addition of new content.

Adding a new article or page to a blog is about as fast and easy as it can get. Using built in features like WordPressIt or using software like Windows Live Writer also make adding a quote from a news site or other source as a base for a page easy.

Second, easy page and text styling.

No need to learn CSS or html when you are just starting. You can find plenty of free templates to use to change the look of your site. You can keep your text well highlighted and correctly marked with CSS just by using the <h1> <h2> <h3> and other CSS tags in the blog text editor. This keeps your content looking consistent and professional.

Third, it is easy to add extras to your site.

Want to take a poll? There is a plugin. Want to add music? There is a plugin. Plugins make adding features to your site fast and easy. Often, trying to do the same thing on a traditional web page takes a lot of hand coding and knowledge. With WordPress, it is fairly painless to find the plugin to do what you want at WordPress.org and simple upload it to your plugin folder. Click activate and it’s ready to go.

Fourth, easy internal SEO.

The use of categories for posts gives your site an easy to follow navigation. It also improves the SEO of your internal links. SEO plugins help even further. WordPress is amazingly effective at SEO right from the setup.

Fifth, RSS.

The recent RSS reader contest between John Chow and Shoemoney brought RSS to the forefront. What would happen to your traffic if you lost all your ranking with the search engines? Internet marketers are always talking about building a list. RSS is an easy way to get that list of your readers. Far more people will subscribe to an RSS feed than will ever give you their email address. RSS can make you Google-slap proof.

There are many other advantages to using a blog over a static site.

Do you have any other you would like to share.

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