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  1. Hey James,

    Just taking a minute to thank you for chiming in about headsets. We must think alike, as the one you mention is the exact one I picked up – before I read your comment.

    I also love having a blog, over a static site. And I set up many of my web design clients with WP sites, because many of them are website novices and WP is easy for them to catch on to and update themselves.

    Good Article, James!


    Meg Meyer

  2. Thank you Meg,
    WP has so many advantages. I forgot several I wanted to mention when I was thinking about this article. I wish I had used WP for all my sites when I started.
    I think you have the best headset if you need to carry one with you anywhere. The case protects it well. I had another headset that only lasted a few months once I needed to put it in the laptop case and did not have something to protect it.

  3. I don’t agree with wordpress being easy for SEO. You have the same links structure throughout the site. I’d like to have some pages with no links outgoing, and some pages with a lot of links outgoing. Like I’ve said before, I think having both is the answer. Keep up the good work.

  4. WordPress has a natural funnel focusing to the main page. While I agree, there are times that you do not want links going out from a page and all the pages in a WordPress site have the same links.
    What you can do in that case is use a static page and link to it from WordPress. This can be used much like the Silo technique of site design.

  5. Whenever someone asks me to help them do some web work for them I always suggest they convert their site to a WordPress site. I really think it’s the easiest way for a small company or organization to run and maintain a quality site that doesn’t get outdated the moment they put it up.

  6. Nice analysis.

    I have few clients that still use static sites, but so far it’s okay because updates are still not necessary thus far. If they ask me to do updates, I’ll recommend converting to WordPress.

    Of course, fees are accepted. 😉


  7. I need help! I am trying to decide whether to convert my site to a wordpress site. I am a caribbean guest house. I do not need posts yet. It is better for my guests to leave commnets on Trip Advisor where they will be seen. Thanks for the article.


  8. Kathy, what I would do is go to and sign up for a free blog. Play with it a bit and see how it works and if it is a good solution for you.
    You would probably use a static page for your front page and pages for the descriptions of each apartment.
    Posting often about what is happening would help bring traffic to your site (and hopefully customers). You could post a photo of the guests with the guest’s testimonials as posts in their own category as well as on Trip Advisor.

  9. Kathy…
    How about this…You have category called testimonials. Have guests type in their comments right into the post page on wordpress. Press submit and automatic articles about your guest house.

  10. I have one day’s experience with wordpress – see I do not understand how to create the static part of the site. As you will see I put several documents under categories as posts. This site is designed to allow several community groups in my town to post press releases and stories about there activities AND Photos and also allow them to make comments on issues. It’s like a community bulleting board. Should I have put the documents on a page? If I want a section for ABC group and then 5 subsections called Docs, Photos, news articles, links, etc. They would all be pages? How do I get control over the menu? I plan to learn a bit on this site and then make my business site. Thanks, Kathy

  11. Kathy, you should use categories and posts for most things. Use subcategories under them if you need to.
    Use pages only for things that do not change and you want to feature. You probably should not use too many pages.
    I use the Semiologic Pro theme and it works a bit differently than a standard WordPress blog so I am not sure I could tell you how to set up a static front page correctly.

  12. Kathy, with WordPress, the menus are the same on all the pages. Also, usually the home page is a list of recent posts. With a static home page, instead of a list of posts the contents stay the same and recent posts are listed on a blog page. You can check my site for an example of a static front page.


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