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  1. Speaking of WordPress upgrades, are you going to be an early adopter of 2.5? I may let this upgrade settle down a bit before I do it. The way WordPress is coming out with releases so quickly, I would place a sizeable bet that there will be a quick fix to this one, too, once it has been widely disseminated.

  2. Notwithstanding what I said before, I just upgraded to WP 2.5. I was having javascript problems with WP 2.3 and had to take the plunge.

    So far so good. The interface is really nice and writing and managing posts takes a lot less clicks.

    I am installing my favorite plugins one at a time so fingers crossed, most will keep working!

  3. That is a good point. It is best to add plugins one at a time to check if there is a problem with compatibility. It you do find one that is a problem and locks you out of WP, connect with your FTP software and just delete the plugin from the plugin folder.

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