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  1. Typically, I’ll go anywhere and everywhere to find the information I need. Some “link bloggers” are awesome but my favorite are the ones that are extremely generous info/experience and seem anxious to get the news out first and acurate. so your goals are right on target.

  2. I love your goals. They are excellent. If I were you I would consider adding the goal of “Writing about what I love” or “Doing what I love.” Because I think that will greatly increase your chances of completely the two goals you have made for yourself.

    All the best,

  3. Setting goals is like as planning. I also do this before the week starts. Usually every Sunday I do a list of my task to accomplish for the week and I will do my evaluation every Saturday. This is my way to keep me on track with my plan. I provide an evaluation for me also to be aware what went wrong or how did I perform for the said week.
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