What does ambatchdotcom seocontest mean?

I do not really know what  ambatchdotcom seocontest means.

I came across  this at Yaro’s Forums from Entrepreneur’s Journey. I have not even really read through it all but it looks interesting.
World SEO Championship Announcement: World SEO Championship This is a great challenge for all SEO beginners and experts. Not only It can prove your SEO ability in front of the world, but also you will get invaluable awards. For beginners, it is the best opportunity to learn the ultimate strategies from the live SEO event. How to win? Just optimize your website to get the highest ranking in Google with the keyword we provided. The details for the contest: 1. Please go to our forum http://www.ambatch.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=30 to post your name and domain there. 2. The contest will start from 14 July 06 to 20 Oct 06 (Mid-night Eastern Time). 3. The contest results will be released on our forum.
Can someone tell me what an ambatch is?
World SEO Championship
Here is their banner.
ambatchseodotcom seocontest